Looking Back: Opening Best of Graduates 2022


Last Friday was the official opening of Best of Graduates 2022. After two years of Covid related restrictions we could finally have a festive opening again, including the famed bbq. Also Museum Voorlinden announced that Marcos Kueh is the winner of the Ron Mandos Young Blood Award 2022. The festive beers that were served were supported by Oedipus⁠ Brewing, a local brewery from Amsterdam. Below you can find some photos that give an impression of the beautiful opening night. Thank you all for joining us on this warm summer day and we hope to see you soon.

Please also mark in your calendar the final awards ceremony on Saturday August 27th. Gunay Uslu, the Dutch State Secretary for Culture and Media, will announce the winners of the Residency Award, the Photo Talent Award, and the Public Choice Award. We will keep you posted about this upcoming award ceremony.