Alexander Jermilov

Alexander Jermilov graduated from the KABK, The Hague, where he made an immersive installation of an archaeological site. Due to enormous size of his installation, one could literally get lost among the found objects. In the smaller installation at Galerie Ron Mandos, Jermilov wants to achieve a similar goal: to evoke uncertainty about where one has ended up. There is no hierarchy within this archaeological site with objects from different eras and made of different materials. In doing so, the artist takes a critical look at the historiography and valuation of art. Furthermore, his installation is at the same time a three-dimensional version of his film Unntiutledd, in which the viewer walks through a computer-generated landscape and encounters the same pottery pitchers and 3D-printed guns as in the physical space. Jermilov’s post-internet installation raises questions about which came first – the objects from his physical installation or the computer-generated objects from the video.