Matias Salgado

Born in 1998 in Buenos Aires, Matias Salgado began painting in his teens by attending courses and seminars with an emphasis on the construction of the human figure. In 2017, he began presenting his work at fairs and exhibitions and collaborating with collectors around the world. In 2023, Matias received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Academy Minerva in Groningen, Netherlands. Since then, his work can be seen in private collections in countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, Malaysia, Thailand and the Netherlands.

Inspired by a vast amount of material, Salgado creates images based on popular stories and discourses of his Argentine background. By incorporating personal memories into everyday places and objects, he makes them his own. Salgado recreates scenes in which elements of figuration and abstraction meet and compete, resulting in his concept of a “suggestive image.