Flashback: Bobbi Essers on her experience in Best of Graduates 2022


Bobbi Essers (Best of Graduates 2022)

In light of the upcoming show Best of Graduates 2023, we asked a selection of BOG alumni a few questions regarding their experience with the annual show. Bobbi Essers participated in Best of Graduates 2022, where she won the Public Choice Award.


Can you tell us a little about your most special project after participating in Best of Graduates?

After Best of Graduates, I have been happily praised with all kinds of special projects and I am incredibly grateful for all these wonderful opportunities. But I really outdid myself with my works for my most recent exhibition at Gallery Unit London. That gave me a huge boost in self-confidence and drives me to keep working hard. It was very special for me.

Also, winning the Buning Brongers Prize was of course a very special honor. My first museum exhibition at Museum MORE, making my Art Rotterdam debut at gallery Stigter Van Doesburg and being able to exhibit in several countries internationally (Like the US, England, Spain, Germany and Belgium).

What is your most unforgettable memory of Best of Graduates?

The first thing I think about is, of course, winning the Ron Mandos Public Choice Award! That was very cool and I am still enormously grateful to everyone who voted for me at the time. Also very special were the conversations I had with fellow graduates and talking about my work with the Dutch State Secretary for Culture and Media, Gunay Uslu. The whole experience was beautiful and unforgettable!

Can you tell us something about a future project? What can we expect to see soon?

I have a number of future plans. Some still in the pipeline, others already worked out. The only problem is that I can’t say much about them at the moment. But stay tuned, the future will reveal itself!

What I can say is that painting is the love of my life and I still experience such happiness that I can continue doing it. I want to keep surpassing myself in the future, keep working with dedication and hold on to my ambition.