Image of the official Opening of the Depot, location of Marloes her studio within her residency. Image by Aad Hoogendoorn.

Flashback: Marloes Roeper on her experience in Best of Graduates 2021


Marloes Roeper (Best of Graduates 2021)

In light of the upcoming show Best of Graduates 2023, we asked a selection of BOG alumni a few questions regarding their experience with the annual show. Marloes Roeper participated in Best of Graduates 2021, where she won the Lakeside Collection Award.


Can you tell us a little about your most special project after participating in Best of Graduates?

As the winner of the Lakeside Collection Award, I got to spend nine months in the Boijmans Depot. My residency coincided with the opening of the Depot; everything was brand new. Inside that almost surgically clean building, I had a space where I made my paintings. This artist in residence completely pulled me out of my comfort zone right after graduation; I really saw it as an adventure.

What is your most unforgettable memory of Best of Graduates?

Best of Graduates 2021 took place in the aftermath of the covid pandemic. A lot was already possible, but a grand opening where all participants were able to meet was not yet an option. Fortunately, we made up for that as a group and ended up on a terrace one of the final exhibition days with the vast majority. The connections and also friendships I made at Best of Graduates made the exhibition extra special.

Can you tell us something about a future project? What can we expect to see soon?

I am currently preparing an exhibition at Galerie Roger Katwijk, which will open on September 9th!