Stephanie Rizaj | Winner of the Young Blood Award 2019


During the Ron Mandos Young Blood Award Ceremony, Suzanne Swarts, Director of Museum Voorlinden announced that Stephanie Rizaj won the 2019 Ron Mandos Young Blood Award.

“I would like to thank Ron Mandos and the Young Blood Foundation for the fact that they saw the potential of having a good partnership with us, where we have agreed to take the winning work as a gift into our collection. With great pleasure we accept this gift, and will take good care of it. We will give it a platform whenever possible, in our museum and outside of it.

My compliments must go to Radek Vana who created a beautiful, balanced exhibition from a very diverse range of works, and has done his utmost to try to make each work come into its own. Every one of you looks wonderful, and should feel as ‘chosen’, yet there can only be one winner! And that is someone whose work excels in all imaginable dimensions, she shows excellent quality in visualising a narrative, she has mastered the field of camerawork, scenography, montage and sound. She manages to keep the viewer’s attention from start to finish, and to consequently affect the viewer, entering under one’s skin. The video can be considered not only a masterpiece of production, but genuinely an artistic masterpiece. The Young Blood Award has been won by Stephanie Rizaj!”

– Suzanne Swarts, Director Museum Voorlinden