Portrait of Shimon Kamada at Startpoint 2021 by Maarten Nauw.

Final Presentation RMYBF Artist in Residence | Shimon Kamada


The Young Blood Foundation would like to invite you to the final presentation of Shimon Kamada, former Best of Graduate and recipient of the RM Residency Award 2020, on 23 October, from 12:00 – 5:00 PM at Atelier AVL Mundo in Rotterdam.

By winning the RM Residency Award, Shimon got the opportunity to work as an artist-in-residence in a studio at AVL Mundo in Rotterdam. The presentation marks the end of this six-month residency.

This event gives you the opportunity to behold the fruits of Shimon’s residency. Be sure to save the date for this exciting afternoon. Do you want to attend Kamada’s final presentation? Please RSVP here.

Shimon Kamada. Nocturnal Horses, 2021

Shimon Kamada is a visual artist who was participant in the Best of Graduates 2020 and recipient of the RM Residency Award. He was born in Japan and came to the Netherlands for his studies.

Kamada’s paintings are full of imagery and delusions. They contain mystery and ambiguity which stimulate curiosity and imagination. His paintings tell fictional stories by building layers and combining fragments of multiple figurative images that are unrelated to each other. The layering creates visual textures by the juxtaposition of Kamada’s motifs and memories. Viewing his works is almost like experiencing nostalgia and occasional tremors of happiness.

In his latest works, which Kamada has made leading up to this presentation, he experiments with rays of light that shape the dreamiest stories. He said, “I think the effect of this kind of light strikes a chord and conjures up collective memories.”